Happy Motherstine Day!

Sunday is Mothers Day or Motherstine Day as my tribe keeps saying. I think they’ve gotten confused because they want to buy me flowers for Mothers Day, they’ve told me this about 100 times, that Mothers Day is some how related to Valentines Day. In a way it is, you’re expressing your love towards someone. I’ve tried correcting them, it’s a futile effort.

It amazes me how they’ve been counting down to Mothers Day like it’s Christmas. For the past week we’ve been counting sleeps. This is how they’ve started keeping track of days, by counting down sleep by sleep. Fairly effective and helps get the to go to bed some nights. When you wake up it’s one less sleep!

Let’s face it, being a mom is no easy task. Being a farm mom is a harder one. I can’t tell you the number of times my mom rushed from the barn to take me somewhere, pick me up from somewhere, or handle a problem my brother or I had. I’m pretty sure her and my dad attended about every 4-H, FFA, band, baseball, extra-curricular activity event we could think of. My mom supervised the care of many strings of cows at various junior shows. She also has driven many miles to watch me show 4-H projects when I went with other people because it was too far for them to take me. Kinda like my own personal cow groupie if you will.

One of my all time favs Round Hill Collection Pala. Her and I spent a lot of time on the road with my mom.

One of my all time favs Round Hill Collection Pala. Her and I spent a lot of time on the road with my mom. This was one of my senior pictures.

I can honestly say this, I don’t think you fully appreciate your mom until you start to have your own kids. To say I’m on the go constantly would be an understatement. Now that Emma’s reached the age to start being involved in activities it has only amplified. Between pre-school, dance class and now track, we are on the go! I’m now working my schedule at the barn around my kids and what they do. It’s been an adjustment for me, I’m not going to lie there are days I would much rather be with the “girls”. They don’t have temper tantrums, they don’t get mouthy and they never argue about what you try to feed them.

Just the daily activities around this place are enough to wear me out. We don’t go out to eat often, so this generally means cooking 3 meals a day and then doing the dishes created in the process. Normally dishes can somewhat be contained. But I will say this, I would be like a fish out of water with out my dishwasher. Laundry on the other hand is beyond my control some days. The littlest tribe member drools constantly. We’re talking 3-4 onesies a day. The middle one has some “pee” issues, as in “Mom I peed on my underwear” “Mom I peed on my pant leg”, these items are at least easily washed. It’s the “Mom I peed on the wall” that was starting to get really old. A few good wall scrubbings, by him,and we had that problem under control. The eldest tribe member could run around in her underwear all day and not care. We’re starting to have discussions about this now that she’s almost 5. Then there’s the farm clothes… Our barn clothes, the kids dirt they drag in from the barn. I’m to the point of not trying to hard to remove stains from these items anymore.

Then on top of these necessary daily activities, we have to mix in milking cows, caring for cows and field work. If it wasn’t for my mother and mother-in-law, I wouldn’t be able to help with some of these things. “Gram” comes down about once a month, sometimes more, so I can get caught up with little things at the barn that I haven’t taken the extra time to do.  Vaccinate baby calves, ear tag calves and I generally have a hefty pile of paper work that needs put in to the computer. Sometimes it’s nice just to go milk with out the tribe in tow. She lives over an hour away, so her travel time on these excursions is greatly appreciated!

Gram with all her grandkids, including a photo bomb by Winston

Gram with all her grandkids, including a photo bomb by Winston

My mom tends to the tribe quite often. When Tom and I have to run to town, minus kids, for one reason or another, the occasional date night and some afternoons just so I can get a break! She also helps entertain them when we all end up at the farm in the afternoons. Some activities she lets them participate in shows she is a little braver with them than me…

Painting Poppa Fred's new bathroom. This is the good picture....

Painting Poppa Fred’s new bathroom. This is the good picture….

Here’s what happens when she threw Taylor in to the mix:



So remember to wish your mom, grandma, great-grandma or in short any mom you may know Happy Motherstines Day. Happy Mothers day will work to if you’re a little more normal than my kids. They’ve done and still do a lot for us, no matter what our age!


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