Mans (Dirty) Best Friend

No farm is complete, in my humble opinion, until they have a dog.  At our house we have 3, at the main farm there is 1. Farm dogs serve many purposes, some are herding dogs, watch dogs, hunting dogs and plain old companions. Many dogs are a combination of these.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen a few snapshots of our fearless companions. I’m sure they’ll each be mentioned in a blog or two. I’m having a mild case of writers block and have had a super busy week, so I figured I would write an easy blog and introduce you to the farm dogs that currently live at Reutter Dairy/R-Crest Holsteins. They are quite the group!

We’ll start with the trusty dogs at our house.

Our loving Lola

Our loving Lola

Miss Lola has been with us for four years. She is a golden retriever who was actually born on a poultry farm. Interesting note, she is half scared of our hens. Lola is the keeper of our children. She diligently watches their every move and there’s days I’m pretty sure she believes they’re her own pups. From everything I’ve read, she has a text book golden personality. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Her main vice is jumping in the pond at our house, which is MUCH to inviting to her.

About six weeks ago we acquired a ball of fur and energy we named Bella. Bella is a blue heeler or Australian cattle dog, which ever you prefer. In short she is currently about 8 pounds of destruction and poop. Don’t let her looks of innocence fool you, that’s how she sucks you in.

Awe, so cute sleeping on the bed....

Awe, so cute sleeping on the bed….

Now dear Bella is trying very hard to become a good little farm dog and she’s not doing too bad. Bella’s biggest problem she’s encountered so far is the stairs in our bank barn. They are steep, very steep. The other morning she had a few ill fated attempts before she succeeded.

I think I can, I think I can

I think I can, I think I can

She’s also become Lola’s right hand hound.

Never to far apart these days

Never to far apart these days

Bella’s current main vice other than being very vocal, to say the least, is pooping in my house. House breaking has been a slow go with this one.

Lola and Bella have one arch nemesis:


Lola is a notorious opossum killing machine. This is fine by me, the nasty things creep me out. The problem is after she kills them, we have to dispose of their gross little corpses somewhere as to avoid the dogs rolling in them and getting the dreaded “opossum stink”. We bury them, she digs them up. We put them in a fence line, she finds them. Now she is teaching impressionable little Bella the tricks of the trade. Both in killing and dead opossum seeking. This leaves us with some nasty, stinky dogs. In their opinion it’s nothing a quick dip in the pond can’t fix. Like I said, our dogs can be gross.

The other dog we have is a coonhound who doesn’t chase raccoons. Go figure. At least he’s friendly I guess!

The other farm dog you will most likely see popping up from time to time is the Border Collie who lives at the main farm.

Even striking a pose for me

Even striking a pose for me

Monty was found with the help of our vet. He was not from a “planed litter”. We had recently put down our old farm dog. She was 14 and had cancer. After waiting a month or two from Katie (who was a heck of a farm dog in her own right) passing away Monty came to the farm. A crazy fluff ball who developed in to a crazy, shaggy dog. He’s generally disgusting from something. While he doesn’t swim he seems to always be wet. The fact that is 1) sitting still for this picture and 2)clean for this picture are both amazing. Monty’s main vice is he has an OCD with fetch. We aren’t talking he “likes” to play fetch, Monty lives to play fetch. One time my parents counted up to 55 throws with him one night while milking. Then they kept throwing, but quit counting. Like I said OCD.

We currently don’t have any cats at the farm. And we aren’t looking for any for the record. Not long after having Monty, we found his true calling. Monty is a ratter. Not a rat here and there, he hunts them daily. He is better than the vast majority of cats I have ever encountered. Quite impressive.

Every farm needs some type of dog. If nothing else for someone who will listen on a bad day. This is our pack, as misfit as they may be!









2 thoughts on “Mans (Dirty) Best Friend

  1. you can never have too many dogs on a farm. My friend in Scotland has 7 in his house and his brother has 6 in the main farmhouse, they do live on a 15000 acre farm though so have plenty of need for them. 🙂

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