All Cooped Up!

Ohio is not known for its awesome spring weather. Or any season for that matter really. This past weekend was gorgeous. I mean picture perfect. Low seventies, sunshine, nice breeze. Tuesday we had a delightful snow. Sunday 70 degrees, Tuesday snow. Now I’ll be one of the first to admit, my kids are a smidgen feral. I don’t call them the tribe for nothing. They can be a little pack of natives some days. Well when they went from gorgeous weather to play outside in, to three days of rain, cold and snow they got a little twitchy.

Monday morning they played outside in the chilly sprinkles. Their bikes were just calling them. After riding bikes and tending to our Noah’s Ark-esque collection of animals they retired inside. Being bored of confinement after about 2 hours of inside play, the eldest tribe members decided that they were going to haul home a springing (close to calving) heifer with their dad. Upon Tom dragging his feet at taking them in the rain, they took matters in to their own hands and just sat in his truck until he was ready to leave. Big excitement once they reached the Amish farm that raises our bred heifers. While waiting to be picked up, the heifer grew impatient and decided to plop her baby out then and there. After getting the new little family back to the farm, Taylor promptly names the calf “Bubbles”. So to follow suit, the fresh heifer became “Mommy Bubbles”. The kids then traipsed around the farm getting cold and soggy helping feed calves. Occasional pit stops were made in the parlor to warm up, but not too often. When we were done milking going home and getting warm bathes and eating supper quickly brought on bed time to two cold, sleepy pre-schoolers. Thank goodness! Being in the house too much brings on bad cases of the crankies for Emma and Taylor.

Waking up Tuesday morning to the snow was disgusting and depressing. By this time the kids were bummed to see the bad weather. Emma actually went on record to say she was sick of snow, and that kid LOVES snow. Emma had school Tuesday so she was at least beckoned out of the house for a while. Taylor was content playing his farm set for the time being. Who am I kidding, the kid could play on his farm set for-ev-er.Henry could care less what the weather is as long as he can cuddle and eat. The little guy loves being outside but it flat out exhausts him. Henry outside for a half hour will normally score you about a two hour nap!

This leads us to the other juvenile in the house. Miss Bella. Bella is a 14 week old Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler, which ever you prefer. She is 6 pounds of pure destruction. The only way to make a heeler puppy tolerable, at best, is lots and I mean LOTS of outside play. This is not achieved when it’s 25 degrees and snowing. This leaves me with stir crazy kids and a psychotic puppy.

The only saving grace to my sanity was getting our taxes done. Now believe you me, the taxes were not stress free, but H&R Block is a rather quiet place. Followed up by lunch at Subway with the hubby. Quiet time was ended after picking up the tribe from my parents. The kids did take a brief nap after getting home from my parents house. Most likely from boredom of being “on the inside.”

Emma has dance class on Tuesday afternoons. Watching ten 3 and 4 year olds learn how to dance is comparable to watching cats being herded. Nonetheless, Emma loves dance and it’s nice to talk to the other moms. Taylor went off to feed “Bubbles” with his dad while Em had dance. I forgot in a weeks time what a pain it was to bundle kids up in bibs, coats, mittens and hats. It all quickly came back. Bedtime was sadly not as swift Tueday evening.

This morning was incredibly hard to get out of bed to go milk the ladies. I checked the weather app on my phone to see it was a crisp 22 degrees. I should not have looked at this while under the toasty covers in my bed. Sadly, I got up and dressed, this included my bibs which I thought I had retired for a season or two. Scraping barns was nippy but thankfully the parlor was toasty with a pot full of coffee.

As the sun came up, it became very clear that it was going to be a very deceiving day. The sun was shining, the clouds are big and fluffy, all while the thermometer is reading 35 degrees. At least today Emma and Taylor have been able to ride their bikes by the garage and the crazy puppy can run off lots of energy. Little Henry and I have been watching from the window. We did shake it up a little and go grocery shopping. Thankfully everyone behaved. I once read a blog on parenting. It said you should decide how many children you want, then try to manage that many loose goats in a grocery store. If you can handle that many free goats, you can handle that many kids. Pretty sure there’s some days I’d rather shop with goats. Thankfully that was not today!

I’m remaining hopeful that the sixty degree weather is coming tomorrow as promised. I guess that’s all us Ohioans have to cling to this time of the year. The hope that it will eventually get warm and spring has to come sooner or later.

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