6 Years Ago…

“We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it LOVE.” – Dr. Seuss


It seems so weird to me that this picture was taken six years ago! We both look so much younger and it is nice to see a picture of me minus weight from three pregnancies! If you ask Emma my hair also didn’t have “white pieces” then either. The brutal honesty of a pre-schooler is often enlightening. This isn’t going to be some big, mushy blog post about how much I love my husband. Although I do have to admit, the mild embarrassment and watching his face slowly turn red would be worth it about ten times over. I think the above Dr. Seuss quote sums up our relationship quite nicely. If you ask my parents, we are why our kids are so weird some days. I hope they’re joking because our little tribe is very unique!

Spending six years married to someone you encounter a lot of life’s obstacles. I have been blessed enough to have married someone who helps me thru them. And it generally involves us laughing at something stupid or awkward. I really hope other couples have conversations as odd as ours are some days. If not, let me tell you, you are missing out! I think it’s the ability we both possess to see the humor and light-heartedness in most situations. It sounds cliché but it can  help get you some of life’s tougher situations, believe me this past year has been a doozy!

I also can’t remember us having a fight or argument that last more than a day. Most of those were most likely in our first year of marriage. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone or think you know someone, when you move in together a whole curtain is lifted. The mushy pleasantries are gone as you are now aware that your spouse also has a daily routine that may not intermesh with yours. Example: shave over the bathroom sink, leave enough facial fur to clothe a cat in the bathroom sink and simply reply when questioned “oh yea, I forgot about that.”

Another theory I have to our minimum arguments we have anymore goes something like this. We have 115 ladies in a barn that generally one, occasionally both of us, have to go help milk and feed 6 mornings a week. Yes, farmers can get days off *gasp*. Do you want to argue with someone all night, go to sleep, crawl out of bed (yes, this often involves real crawling) and look at them again, first thing in the morning, bright dark and early at 3:30 in the morning? I am aware I said dark and early. Have you ever been up at 3:30? There’s nothing bright about it! If I’m seeing someone at this dismal hour I want to be as cheery as I humanly can. This generally requires a half pot of coffee minimum.  Tom being a smart man, realizes this and gives me ample space mornings we work together.

Between the two of us we like to believe that we keep the home running fairly smoothly. Or as smoothly as you can with 3 children,  4 and under. Most days we’re able to do this, some days we lose miserably! With everyone being in and out through out the day we are able to eat all of our meals together. I realize when the tribe starts trickling off to school this won’t happen. Honestly it makes me a little sad. The conversations these little squirts have! Emma now says prayer, which is an adorable one they do at pre-school. It’s hard to imagine some day these little people will have families of their own to eat supper with. Hopefully they have their own little pre-schoolers to say their prayers for them. Great now I’m getting all misty eyed! Moving on…

Who would have known in six years we would have had all these adventures! We ourselves, growing together not only as a married couple, but let’s face it, we were only twenty and twenty-three when we were married. We’ve just grown up in general some too! Then adding in all the fun times with the tribe as they’ve came in to our family. Pregnancies, births, zoo and aquarium trips (these are BIG summer time hits!) to playing around yard and house and watching their little personalities develop.

Someone actually asked me one time if I regretted being married so young. What has there been to regret? No, I didn’t have any stereotypical wild adventures from my early twenties, but I have a loving husband, who puts up with my craziness, three amazing little people and enough stories, which probably include as much vomit and bodily functions as if I had spent my early twenties partying and clubbing, to fill me with happiness. These six years have been anything but boring.

Following are some pictures of the past six years! I tried to work them in somewhere along all these ramblings but it didn’t work!


My dad walking me down the aisle



Emma’s 2nd birthday party. Can’t tell we like Ohio State!



Taylor when he was 2. Still sweet and adorable.



Henry’s impromptu 3 month pic


1002622_10103437668227235_1277544012_n (1)

Kinda blurry, but cute shot of Tom, Taylor and one of our cows walking to the show ring at the county fair last year.



Our Christmas card picture. One of the outtakes. Emma’s duck lips, Taylor staring in to space and I think the little one looks like he’s a mob boss.



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