Here we go!

So I have broken down and decided to join to blogging world. I’m not sure exactly what direction  this blog is going to go in. It may be one of those neat organized ones, but most likely it will just be me flying by the seat of my pants. Nothing wrong with a little spontaneity!

I had this great idea to get my first blog entry posted on National Ag day. I wrote some jumbled stuff down and decided it sounded awful, so I deleted it and thought I would just start over after the little tribe went to sleep. Well in true me fashion, ask my husband, I fell asleep about 5 minutes prior to the last kid falling asleep. This is generally how my evenings go, if I make it past 9:30 it’s a near miracle!

My early sleep was a blessing unknown to me, however. The smallest tribe member believed that sleep was highly uneccessary last night. After sleeping peacefully until 11 he thought it was time to binge feed for the next 4ish hours. This was truly delightful… Now I am fully aware that most babies of his age are up several times a night, feeding every 3 to 4 hours. Well, little Henry is a great sleeper for his age (until I just typed this and jinxed myself) and generally is only up about once a night. Now my day home with my little preciouses is going to be a foggy, coffee filled haze. For the record, Henry is now sleeping beautifully behind me in his swing as I type. Babies have such a wonderful abandonment. After reeking havoc on my internal clock he can now rest as I try to referee the elders of the tribe. And lately it has been refereeing.

Our oldest 2 have a mere 18 months between them. It is both a blessing and a curse. They are each others best friends and worst enemies. Which I guess that’s how it goes for most siblings when they’re young. But these 2 are professionals at sabotaging each other. The tides have recently changed, Taylor has realized that he is now the same size as Emma. The playing field has been leveled and new war tactics are being used. Instead of him sneaking around, attacking while she’s vulnerable, he now wages full on attacks in the broad, open daylight. I feel like my days at home are spent as ref and servant to their needs. I give it to moms who stay at home and are with their kids 24/7. You have my utmost respect and adoration. My children would have for sale signs tied around them as they stood at the end of our driveway.

We farm with my parents. While I am a working mom, I have the ability to take my kids to work with me. This is where I have a feeling most of my blog inspirations will take place. My kids love the cows and seeing my parents almost every day. I’ve heard before it takes a village to raise a child. My tribe may need more than a village! Being at the farm lets my kids use their little brains in all kinds of creative play and out of the box thinking. Example: what will happen if I take a saucer sled down a massive pile of sand (3 semi loads to be exact). This yielded disappointing results as apparently sand creates too much friction and the sled goes too slowly to obtain any thrills. I believe the sand pile will warrant a blog entry of it’s own someday fairly soon! The kids love the cows and calves, as well as any animal they can get their grubby mits on. We have a whole barn at our house containing 2 goats, a pony and 18 laying hens to prove this! But I don’t think there is a much better place for them to grow up!

This is going to conclude my *first* blog entry, I know exciting stuff! Currently I have a 3 year old, 4 year old and 10 week old puppy being supervised by our beloved golden retriever in the other room. The poor girl only has so much patience.


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